Parus 2018

Techinical Sheet

GRAPES USED: Sangiovese 100%

TRAINING SYSTEM: cordone speronato unilaterale.

PLANT DENSITY: 5952 vines / ha.

YIELD PER HECTAR: 60 quintals

WEATHER CONDITIONS:A more rainy and certainly a more typical vintage than theprevious, where it was necessary a continuous attention in the vineyard during the growingseason. Excellent weather conditions during the harvest and our characteristics thermalexcursion have made possible an ideal maturation of the grapes


FERMENTATION : Spontaneous fermentation, thanks to the help of indigenous yeasts only without temperature control. Respecting the tradition of red winemaking, in stainless steel tanks, for a period of 30 days. Aged for 12 months in stainless steel, without any passage in wood, it rests 4 months inbottle before marketing.


Classic Sangiovese red color, transparent, deep. The olfactory impact immediately tends to the mineral note, supported by light hints of cherry and black currant. The tasting shows a compound tannin, never in contrast with the structure, with a final length that suggests how Sangiovese, even in theleast elaborate expressions, has in its nature, elegance, harmony and depth.

It’s a wine which has to be served in summer at slightly lower temperature.