Parus 2016

PRODUCTION ZONE: the estate owns two different and differently located vineyard parcels. One is Le Prata, with a southwestern exposure at an altitude of some 1640 feet (500 meters) above sea level while the other, La Torre, has a southeastern exposure and is situated at approximately 1375 feet (420 meters) of altitude. After their period of cask aging, the two wines are blended and then bottled to produce one single wine.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Sangiovese 100%.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Classic red color of Sangiovese, transparent, deep. The olfactory impact immediately tends to the mineral note, supported by light hints of cherry and black currant. When tasted it comes with a compound tannin, never in contrast with the structure, with a final length that suggests how much the Sangiovese, even in the less elaborate expressions, has in its nature, elegance, harmony and depth.



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